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Dell is an American multinational company which is renowned for the development, selling and repairing of IT products. Laptop is an essential device to carry out your important work. Be it public, private or educational sector, the need for a laptop is mandatory. Although Dell laptops are known for their awesome performance, it might happen that you are unable to use it due to some technical issues. With continuous usage of an electronic device, it might undergo technical break down, and your Dell laptop is no different. Are you noticing unexpected behavior of your device?  Do You Need a Dell Laptop Repairing Service? Resolve all your queries with expert assistance.


dell laptop repairing


Below is a list of factors that are responsible for the reduced performance of your laptop

Our team consists of professionals who have in-depth knowledge about laptops, so you can easily rely on us. With the frequent research that we regularly conduct, we have found out the reasons behind your laptop’s breakdown. When it comes to Dell Computer Repair services, we are the most reliable ones. Know about the reasons for your laptop’s poor performance:


  1. Keyboard issues:

A keyboard is an important component for you to navigate while you are using a laptop. Majority of your work involves the use of a keyboard. You might encounter keyboard issues due to the following reasons:

  • Your keyboard might stop functioning all of a sudden due to continuous usage
  • In case your keyboard stops responding to the keystrokes
  • In case there is a damage on your keyboard


  1. Motherboard issues:

The motherboard is the most significant component of your system. The following issues, it indicates that there is a problem in the motherboard

  • Laptop is not turning on and is freezing all of a sudden
  • If your laptop is working slower than expected and is generating heat
  • If your laptop starts rebooting frequently


  1. Laptop adapter issues:

Laptop adapter is an essential electronic aid which serves your purpose when you need to charge your system. It is very difficult for you if you are unable to perform your important task due to adapter problems.

  1. Laptop camera issues:

Laptop cameras are a versatile device for personal as well as professional use. The purchase of a laptop becomes useless if its camera is not functioning properly. Camera issues might arise due to the following reasons:

  • Due to the regular use or due to technical glitches of your camera
  • In case of blurry image or poor picture quality

 If you are encountering any of the problems mentioned above, it is essential for you to avail Dell Laptop Repair services from our experts at UAE Technician.


Do You Need a Dell Laptop Repairing Service? Interact with our experts today by dialing our helpline number +971-523252808


Our experts at UAE Technician provide you with appropriate laptop repair services without wasting your valuable time. Place a call at our Dell service center number +971-523252808 and get all your queries resolved. Share your concern with us and avail live-chat sessions conducted by our team. We do not want you to suffer for any kind of laptop troubles. Hurry! Call us today.

Smart tricks to recover your lost data: Dial +971-523252808 to avail premium Mac data recovery services

It is impossible to imagine our lives without electronic gadgets. We depend on various devices such as printers, Smartphones, computers, etc., to minimize the burden of our work. These useful gadgets are well manufactured to simplify our work and to save our valuable time. Despite being manufactured perfectly, these devices will always remain vulnerable to digital threats. Several harmful objects such as virus, spyware, etc. will keep on attacking your gadgets and eventually result in data loss. Recover your lost data can be a vital issue that effect our working most.

Apple Data Recovery

Apart from cyber attacks, hardware failure or a malfunctioning motherboard can also delete your important data from the system. The sudden loss of your essential data can put you in severe trouble. It might restrain you from continuing your important official work. Data loss can also occur due to third party interferences if they have access to your device. Power outages can delete your saved files. Unexpected shutdowns, corrupted software programs are additional reasons that result in the deletion of all your saved files.


Sometimes users hit the delete button unintentionally and they lose their important files. Hold on! With simple steps these files can be recovered. Recovery process includes a lot of technicality and people who don’t have technical knowledge find it hard to implement the steps all by themselves. Don’t worry, our team of experts will help you out to recover all your lost data.

Restore Compromised files from your MacBook

How will you feel if your important office presentation is missing from your MacBook? Being unable to recover valuable data can intensify your stress level. Before searching for the right solutions to recover the issue, you should find out the probable reasons behind the data loss. Following are some of the other probable reasons which causes data loss from your system.


  • Virus or malware attack
  • Operating system failure
  • Malfunctioning of the storage device
  • Manual error
  • Water damage on your MacBook
  • Boot error on your MacBook


Keeping back up is the primary solution which you can avail on your own to prevent data loss. Backup is nothing but holding an additional copy of data which you can use in the future for restoring. In case you have lost your valuable data with no backup, contact our experts at UAE Technician. Our tech experts will provide you with affordable data recovery services within a short span. We will help you to retrieve your important data which you have lost from your MacBook Pro or Apple iMac.

Dial +971-523252808 to connect with experts in data recovery:

Place a call at our helpline number by dialing +971-523252808 and retrieve all your lost data within a quick span. Our experts are also available over mail or live chat through which you can connect with them during busy working hours. We provide free consultations to our users regarding useful tips to prevent data loss problem. Our experts will collect your damaged MacBook Pro or iMac from which you have lost your data. Then, they will share complete details about the price estimate and ask for your approval to proceed. We will begin our work of Apple iMac data recovery only after receiving your approval.

How to fix Acer Laptop or Desktop Issue

Acer is a computer manufacturer Company head quartered in Taipei, Taiwan. In addition to servers, desktop PCs, notebooks and tablets, Acer also sells monitors, televisions, projectors and, more recently, smart phones. The Acer Group uses three brands for its products: Acer, Gateway and Packard Bell all over the world.

As everyone know some time each electronic device like Laptop, phone will face the hardware or software issue or its also required the long term maintenance for more stability of the products.

Acer offers its customers a very comprehensive service around for its products. You can reach the Acer service in several ways. But it s not possible for everyone to reached the services centre due to time consumption and distance issue. Because in this era of internet, most of the people are much busy schedule and have no time.

UAE Technician is a services center located in Dubai is a very much comfort zone for the repairing services of laptop, desktop, imac , iphone, data recovery, mackbook repair and many other services as well.

If your Acer laptop machine is causing problems in your regular work then no need to more concern about it. We are available most of the time for our valuable customers.

You are looking for a Laptop Repair services for your Acer Laptop, Has Acer’s warranty expired? Your Acer notebook is causing problems of Like Screen, Hard Disk, Motherboard, Fan hitting issue

UAE Technician is an independent notebook repair workshop, we repair your Acer laptop usually on best price in comparison to the manufacturer. Our experienced and highly qualified technicians will repair your Acer notebook. Try our Acer repair service with best price.

Our offer for an Acer notebook repair: 100% service satisfaction without any risk

Request a quotation to call us 0557503724 free of charge and without any obligation you can also send us email at Our Technician team will handle your query instantly.

We can determine the correct repair costs best if your Acer notebook is available. Send your Acer Notebook directly to us with your request. A diagnosis with a quotation is free of charge, there are no hidden charges.

If you want product advice, this is the right number 0557503724 for you. Here you will find all information about the individual devices from Acer.

The line is always open from Saturday to Thursday between 8 am and 8 pm. On holidays the hotline is not occupied.

We offer an Acer laptop repair service for the following models

Acer Aspire ES1-431

Acer Aspire E3-111

Acer Aspire One 14 Z1-402-34M3

Acer Aspire One D270-1410

Acer Aspire One 14 Z1-401-C9JN

Acer One 10 S1001

Acer Aspire R 11 R3-131T

Acer Aspire Switch 10 E SW3-013

Acer Aspire V15 / V3-574G-77P6

Acer Aspire Switch 10

Acer Aspire V5-473P-34014G50a


Nitro 5 AN515-51-74U4

Nitro 5-AN515-51-70V4

Acer Aspire E5-471

Acer Aspire One D270-268

Acer Note 350, Acer Aspire 1200 series , 1300, 1410, 1415, 1440, 1450, 1610, 1620, 1640, 1650, 1680 and all other model.

For Acer Repair  and told us which model you are using our technical expert will contact you asap.